Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The First Day of Pre-K4

Ryder's first day went great! He really had no hesitation, and went right to school like we've been doing this forever. It was rather uneventful, and I guess it's best that way :) Derrik and I both had off today, which never happens, so we were both lucky enough to take him for his first day. We took our mandatory photos, walked our big boy to his room, gave him big kisses, assured him we would be back for lunch, helped him find a spot on the rug, and head on our way...


 Landon would have gladly stayed today as well
 He was so excited!
 Some brotherly love
 I asked him for a picture of his book bag, and he gave me this sweet smile instead :)
 Loving our new monster bag!
 Waiting a few minutes before we head on in
 He foudn his cubby with his name on it, and put his bag in.
 I'm not sure what this pose was... awkward but still love his smile
 Taking his spot on the rug with his new class mates
 One last shot on our way out the door.
We picked Ryder up from school, and he was all smiles. He said he had fun, he didn't learn anything, he saw spiders on the play ground, drew a picture with a girl, that no one played with him, and he couldn't wait to go back. Sounds like mixed emotions if you ask me, but he says he loves it. I'll take it :) We'll be back at it on Friday!!

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Jen said...

What adorable photos! Ryder is so big and Landon is so stinkin' cute!