Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Photo Catch Up

So my mouse pad on my laptop bit the dust... after two weeks I finally have it back... along with some other stuff I've been busy doing... I fell wayyyyy behind in documenting my boys life with pictures we snap throughout our days. Soo.. without further adieu here is LOTS of random pictures!
Landon likes to cuddle now.. It never lasts more then about 2-3 minutes, but I take what I can get. He loves to crawl up and watch a few minutes of cartoons with us.
 How scrumptious are these feet!
 Landon loves Ryder's new shin guards he got for his birthday... he wore these for hours this day. He loves to wear random stuff.

 Ryder had this mask and cape, but bought his belt, arm sleeves, and Teddy a new cape and mask with some birthday money.
 One the sky lift ride at Hershey Park our last time there
 The boys and I on Coal Cracker in the park
 All the kids with their glow sticks on Labor Day waiting for the fireworks.
 I gave Chloe a hair cut... She was long overdue to be groomed and it just wasn't happening so I did it myself... Not too bad huh?
 Another cuddle session :)
 Another example of wearing things... spent a whole morning with this bookbag on

 A gift for Mommy :) I don't get too many gifts these days, but I asked my Dad if he would mind getting this new lens for me to help with my photography. I am in love with it :)
 Silly faces after his bath
 A collage Ryder's teacher put in the hall with pictures of the kids first day of school.
 Ryder's floor mat he made the first day of school. It's on the carpet for them every day so they know where to sit to start their day.
 Super Dalton!
 Super Cole
 Checking on the big kids playing late one night while us adults were outside playing corn hole
 Sunset over the mountain at Me-Maw and Poppy's
 These four have started to play so well together... Landon didn't quite get it at first. He now plays constructively at home with Ryder at well. We are all very much enjoying this!!

 Once again... LOVES wearing stuff!
 Ryder's self portrait he made at school. The thing on his waist is his super hero belt, and teh random stars off the the side are where he told me he spelt "Ryder".
 The rest of the classes drawings. I think he did pretty good :)
 Landon posing at the same wall he poses at every time we go to Cocoa's Castle. He just loves to cheese it up for pictures at this wall.
 The boys were so excited to show off their warm jammies the first night it cooled off! Ryder needs more pj's. He's only worn his undies to bed all summer because he's always so sweaty, and these are now his only pair! Mommy better get on it because we've had lots of chilly nights :)
 Landon loves to get his Lighting McQueen slippers on and "play" the Nintendo DS every morning.
 He kept putitng these rings on his hand and would run up to me and say "WOW" every time he'd get them on.
 Ryder started soccer last week. It's every Tuesday evening, and unfortunately got rained out tonight. I took a bunch of pictures on the camera and will get them up soon, but this one was on my phone. He scored the only goal in their scrimmage!! :)
 Posing before school one morning... Except they say cheese to each other and not my camera :)
 Last week we celebrated Dalton's 6th birthday! We headed over for cake and ice cream on his actual birthday and then had to wait a LONGGG three days for the actual party. Ryder made me nuts counting down to it!! :)
The birthday boy in his cool Captain America stuff we got him
The anticipation for Dalton's party was too much for Ryder so Friday night he asked to have a party for Wyatt, his stuffed giraffe. We had the perfect party hats for his "party"... the ones I hid from him at his own party in hopes he'd forget he picked them out. This Momma can't stand sponge bob :)
Chloe was so excited for the party!
I didn't snap too many pictures at the party... We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves though! The weather was actually chilly, and we all had to get sweatshirts on. They even started a fire later in the night! It was such a fun night celebrating Dalton :)
Landon didn't like the bounce house at first and opted to sit here and watch. Later in the night though he was a bouncing machine!
 David thinks he's pretty cool playing with kid toys

Ahhh... lovin' the fire pit!
 Yea!! Hoodie weather!!

 Enjoying a chocolate pop Ryder brought him from Community Day...
Thanks Me-Maw and Poppy!

 Love when my boys wear themselves out and crawl onto the couch for some quiet time!
Enjoying the amazing weather the other day!
The boys came over the other night for a couple hours while Me-Maw and Poppy enjoyed dinner for their anniversary. Ryder was thrilled he had some soccer partners!!
 Dalton wore this helmet her got for his birthday the entire time he was at our house. I asked to take his pictures, and he responded with "will you put it on Facebook?!"... Love it!
Ahhh... caught up :) I hope you enjoyed!

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Connor & Mama said...

Yay for new pics! I adore them...especially all of the ones where Landon insists on wearing different things! Love him! Connor has no idea what the wedding means, but he knows that he'll see Ryder, so hes pumped!