Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hershey Gardens

Today we had our first field trip!! Ryder did not understand what-so-ever what a field trip was. He didn't understand that we weren't going to school, but that his school friends would be there. He'll get it very soon though because we have a lot of these coming up :) Today's trip was to the Hershey Gardens to see the butterflies.
 A couple butterflies. There weren't as many as usual because of the colder weather and the rain storm we had yesterday.
 Ryder checking out some caterpillars with Mrs. 9
 Another pretty one
 Ryder and his buddy Jackson. Notice his mohawk :) I think Ryder is rubbing off on people! This little guy is such a cutie, and Ryder can't wait for his birthday party this Sunday!! I guess I should get this pictures from his mom since they are looking at her camera!!
 Some of the boys checking out a fountain
 Silly boys!!

 In awe of this fountain that blows a ball up
 Checking out some butterfly information
 Little brother was SUCH a trooper and did great the whole time!
I needed the reality check of him around a few other kids his age to realize he's still such a sweet baby :) Other kids weren't so well behaved.
 Learning the parts of the butterfly
 Love this kid :)

 Trying to figure out what buttefly is in their jar
 Silly Caleb
 Looking through this special glass to see how a buttefly sees
 Mrs. 9 asked him to ride the chicken for a picture :)
he happily did as he was told
 This little thing played music every time you jumped on a square.. my boys loved it!

 Getting ready for a song about butterflies

 Miss Lilly is the girl in the black.. We may or may not be hearing her name quite often around our house. I'm thinking someone has a crush :) And juding by how fast Lilly ran to give Ryder a hug in the parking lot today the feeling might be mutual!
 How cute are buttefly snacks Mrs. 9 made :)
 Enjoying snack time
 Silly Landon... he was just hanging out up against this wall.
We had a great first field trip today, and are excited about Back-to-School night tonight! We are loving Derry Pre-school :)

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