Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The night before Pre-K4

Aside from leaving family and friends, one of my top reasons for being sad about moving was how well Ryder was doing at his pre-school last year. It was a year of growing for him. We went from tears every day begging not to go to school to him running in and almost forgetting to say bye. He grew so close to so many friends there, convinced two of his best friends Sophia and Connor to join, and still talks about how much he loved being in Miss Evelyn's class. When we first moved up here one of the first things on my priority list was finding that happy place for Ryder up here. Unfortunately preschool isn't as popular up here. There isn't one one every corner, and I actually had a hard time finding a "preschool" that wasn't actually daycare. After lots of phone calls, hours searching the internet, and a few school visits we finally settled on Derry Preschool. I wasn't 100% confident in my decision, but last week at orientation sealed the deal.... we love it!
I hadn't talked much with Ryder about starting back up at school. He tends to do better with things when he doesn't have much notice. All he knew was that he started school once he turned four. The night before orientation I told him we were going to his new school together to meet his teacher and new class mates. To my surprise he didn't have a single fear and couldn't wait!! Luckily Daddy had off to keep Landon at home, and Ryder and I headed to orientation together. We arrived a little early, and he was ready to run out of the car into school. I convinced him to come sit with me in the front seat and snap a couple of pictures. I purposely didn't bring my camera with me so I wasn't "that mom" and promised myself these would be my only pictures on my phone. 

 Soon after another mom pulled up and there was no more keeping Ryder in the car. This mom headed straight to the school sign on the side of the road to take a picture of her son. I figured it wouldn't hurt to snap one there as well :) I mean she was too right?

 We were one of the first ones in the classroom, and Ryder walked in pretty confidently. He meet both of his teachers, Mrs. Neuin (pronounced "nine", and she signs her stuff Mrs. 9) and Mrs.Yahner. He introduced himself, listened to Mrs. 9 about the morning check-in routine, and then got to playing. Pretty soon the room was filled with lots of parents and kids, and I discretely snapped this photo of my little guy playing in his new classroom. I then swore to myself... no more picutres!!
 Soon after though... I realized all the mom's had their cameras out, and I was so thankful! I didn't have to resist from being "that mom" and could take lots of pictures of my little guy playing with his new friends. You can bet the big camera will be brought for the first day!!

Ryder playing with his new best friends, AKA the only other two boys in the class,
Jack and Caleb

 Ryder and Mrs. 9
She seems so sweet, and caught us in the hall a little after orientation to give Ryder a huge hug and tell him how much she can't wait to teach him this year... Made this momma happy :)
 After orientation was over everyone was invited outside to play on the playground and have a snack.
Ryder enjoying the sand box... UGH!!
I'm sure this sand box will make me crazy throughout the school year!!

I just tucked my little guy into bed. He is SO excited for his first day tomorrow and to see his new friends. He told me today, "Mommy you can't come into my classroom tomorrow". I told him I just wanted to walk him in and then I promised I'd leave. Little does he know i've already been signed up as the "room mom" to help with field trip, holiday parties, and all the other fun stuff throughout hte year...haha... he'll never get away from me!
I'll be back tomorrow night to report on our big FIRST DAY!

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