Thursday, September 20, 2012

Soccer Shots

As I mentioned the other day, Ryder started soccer last week. He is playing with a program called Soccer Shots. They go once a week for forty-five minutes and have practice and then a little scrimmage. Ryder is really into it, and i'm excited he's had a good chance to experience a few sports now.
Ryder is in the black with the blue/green ball...
Meeting Coach Ian and learning a little about soccer.
 Racing from one side to the other... Notice Ryder was WAY out in front... He takes racing VERY seriously. Much more then some of the other kids.

 Learnign how to stop the ball
 My little sidekick at all of Ryder's fun activities lately
 Practicing his control
 Coach Ian showing them what the goals are... Ryder was so confused why there weren't any when we first got there.

 The scrimmage then start, and these pictures are Ryder scoring his first goal... and the only one of the scrimmage!

 My little soccer player :)

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