Saturday, June 15, 2013

iPhone Overload!!

I guess I should do iPhone photo updates more often... Enjoy the madness of our life through the iPhone :)

Ryder's last day of school presents for his friends
The goofy little brother
Ryder playing in the catchers position 

Go Yellow Jackets
Ladnon did so good cheering his brother on all season

A fun Hershey Park day.. there are a few of these throughout this post

New haircuts... The lady hooked them up with some color hair gel

Love bomb pops on hot summer days!

The circus with Jackson

 So thankful for my sweet friend Jen :) 
She has a sweet blonde boy who is my little guys best friend and loves photography!
Match made in pre-school heaven 
 Quick snapshot at a game... He always sat on the bench so well while other kids were off running around and not paying attention
 Playing his new Transformer game on his DS
 A little washers at the Labor Day picnic
 We had a chilly Labor Day but still enjoyed Me-Maw and Poppy's backyard

Another Hershey Park day....
 Bub's first roller coaster ride!!
He loved it!!

Love his sweet face :)
 Bumblebee!! Ryder is slightly obsess with him..

 My 1st baby
 Eating lunch is so tiring 
 Just how I like my road trips :)
Cousins reunited
ANOTHER... Hershey Park day...

oh those lips... and that nose... love him!
 He does VERY little of this! Such a butt head

 Do you remember when you talked to each other at sleep overs?
Three laptops and two iPods... All playing club penguin and on FaceTime

 What sleepovers do to them...
 Just woke up from three hour naps
 Which was a good thing because then it was game night!! 

 Cheering on Ryder at his last t-bal game
Trophy time!

and celebratory ice cream!!

A fun day at the park with his best friend!!

This is a water ride that produces a huge wave creating a splash zone... 
Landon was clueless what was coming!!!!
 After I dried up all his tears lol
 Some waterpark fun

 Then we headed to the rides.. front row!!

 I hope you enjoyed :) 
We are totally enjoying summer!! I hope the cold and snow never ever comes back!!!

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