Friday, June 14, 2013

Mimi and Papa Visit!

We had such a great visit with my grandparents at the beginning of June! They arrive in town just a few   hours before one of Ryder's t-ball games so we got to spend a little time hanging out with them. We headed to Chocolate World to take a quick ride through the chocolate making tour ride and to grab some ice cream

Then it was off to the game... I even brought my real camera to take some pictures at the game!! That doesn't happen much these days!

Cool dude thinks he's a baseball player already

Some game shots

Love the one of Derrik giving Ryder a little talk about what to do with the ball if it goes to the pitchers mound :)
This little guy loved blowing bubbles with his Mimi

He gets a ridiculous amount of comments on this sunglasses... Mainly that he looks like he belongs in The Hangover movie lol

Posing with his great grandparents after his game :)
Two days later we headed up to Selinsgrove to spend some more time with Mimi and Papa, celebrate my Uncle Scott's 55th birthday, and see my cousin :)

Definitely a mom that raised two boys right here!

The boys had SO much fun with my cousin Mike

Somehow the birthday boy got stuck doing this

Mike and Janaya's baby Riley

We had a little photo shoot with these cutie!! 
Engagement and wedding photos better be coming in the near future!!

I LOVEEE Mike's face in these pictures!!

I told Aunt Karen that my boys will NOT think it's a party unless there is a candle in the cake and Happy Birthday is sung. She didn't have any candles so we stuck a candle stick in there from their candle chanedlier on their porch.. Made my kiddos happy!!

So in love with this photo :)

Such a great day, and makes me even more excited for some fun times on Cape Cod!! 
We head out two weeks from today!!

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