Thursday, June 27, 2013

June on the iPhone!

is exactly how we feel that our bags are packed, Grammy and the girls are headed north as I type from Florida, and tomorrow morning we will be headed to Cape Cod to celebrate the 4th of July!!! Bring on the family time, outdoor showers, fish pier stops, ice cream date nights, baseball games, candy store trips, pond days, ice cream trucks,  and tan skinned days!! And after the week we've had of fighting off a terrible case of the flu (Derrik is the last one in bed with it currently) I kind of thought this whole month was a bore, and I had nothing to blog about. You have to love the iPhone to remind you that just because you've been up to your ears in puke for five days it doesn't mean the whole month was a waste....

Enjoy our June iPhone pictures, and we'll be back from Cape Cod mid July with TONS of photos!!

Sumer Time = Sleepovers!!! We have definitely entered the sleepover stage, and I am loving it!! The kids always keep each other so entertained and sleep great :) I hope they always stay this easy!!

Sleepover with Jackson one night

 My boys all nice and handsome for a family reunion
 No one knew SUPERMAN was going to the reunion!!
Ryder had been invited to see the movie with Jackson a couple nights prior and talked about nothing else since!
 LOVEEE these boys!!

 I think my kids hope and pray my photo shoots run late so they HAVE to go to Me-Maw and Poppy's... Looks awful doesn't it? :)
 So much summer fun will do this to you!
 My sweet baby's face when I met him for lunch one day when I got off work early :)
 A few pictures from a fun day at Hershey Park

We were lucky enough to have a playdate with Miles last week
 And even Taylor came to visit us at the pool!!
 A fun night at the McDonald's playground with friends
 Then everyone came back to our place to sleep over... a few pictures from our night

 The crazy crew at Bounce U
 Playing in the Hurricane Simulator there
We all look forward to weekend nights at Me-maw and Poppy's...
They are even sweeter when they are topped off with the pool and grilling out now...
 and this sunset over the mountain...
 Fun times at Miss Jen's pool
 The live music didn't hurt either :)
 Unfortunately that is where our June came to a screeching halt....
Nothing like walking into your friends kitchen and having your kid randomly puke ALL OVER HER KITCHEN!!
 I didn't photograph the flu much around here, but it sucked the life out of us... We had a few fake moments of "feeling better" since then

Which involved a quick trip to the Disney store...

What kid wants Jake untensils? He's weird!
 Enjoying some playtime outside
 I got favorite Mom points for this tacky Superman swim suit I let Ryder get :)

A pictures my friend Jen sent me from her party the other night :)
She's been such a blessing to me up here in PA!
 Last night we had a little "get out of the house" dinner thinking we were finally all better and just needed some fresh air...
Landon didn't want to take his sunglasses off when we got out of the car and decided to wear them through dinner.. He's too cool for us sometimes!!
I got a text from Derrik this morning as I was walking into work that said "Babe it's coming"... 
Needless to say he puked soon after. He is resting in bed and will hopefully be better VERY soon!! I'm hoping we can tuck this flu chapter behind us QUICKLY and not bring an uninvited guest with us on vacation!!

We have had such a fun blessed summer so far, and know it will only continue to get better!! 
We can't wait!! Everyone have a safe and happy 4th of July!!

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