Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cape Cod: Summer 2013

What a trip!! I felt like there were so many factors holding us back from this trip. My sister Ally had a PICC line put in her arm for IV antibiotics to hopefully (PLEASE PRAY) help cure her Lyme's Disease after almost a four year battle. The whole week before we were supposed to leave my family battled the flu, and we were so nervous we'd spread it to the whole family.. especially Ally! Luckily we didn't pass it to anyone except my sisters got it when they came back into my house after the Cape Cod trip... I guess it was still hanging out. In the end though we all needed a little vacation for our mental health and thought in the end it would help the physical health of us all as well!! And that it did... I think all of us could agree that this summer could be summer up in some key words: HOT!!, Jamaican Me Happy wine coolers, the pond, ice cream, Hurricane by Bridget Mendler, tattoos, and Gigi visits. 

Our very first stop our first morning was to our favorite breakfast spot...
Larry's P.X.
 My little man has played with this toy at Larry's since he was a teeny tiny baby
 My sister is AMAZING at crafts! She stained these boxes, put their monograms on them, and put some special pictures inside for some beloved family members :)

 Next up... It was time to visit our favorite Gigi in the whole world!!
My boys only see Gigi once a year if we are lucky, but they know who she is... they know she is special.. and they know we love her with our whole heart! 
 Gigi opening Ally's box she made her for

 Every pictures before this Landon had a serious face with no smile, and then busted out into this pose. 
I'll take what I can get :)

 We then headed over to Aunt Shirley's to visit Patty's dog Toby that she was babysitting.
Is he not the CUTEST!! He kind of looked fake he was so cute and adorable!
LOVE when my boys say "Hey mom take our picture" from across the parking lot and it comes out like this :)
 Next up... CANDY STORE!!!

 My sister also made these beautiful glasses for us to enjoy during our stay. They were such a fun little addition to our vacation

 On Monday my sister had to head up to Hyannis to take care of a few things in regards to her PICC Line so that left Hailey, my boys, and I on our own for a few hours. We made the best of us and headed to do a few favorite things!

Checking out Lighthouse Beach

 School House Ice Cream

 AND... FINALLY.. Our favorite spot... a quick visit to the pond

 On Tuesday it was time for a real trip to the pond. It had been gloomy and drizzly our whole trip, but finally the weather was cooperating for us! 

My silly boy.. I think he ate most of the time he was there!
 The ice cream truck... One of Ryder's favorite summer memories

 It makes my heart to happy to see my kids outside enjoying themselves! 

 Signs of summer...
 Random photo of my son decided to not try to swallow the chocolate in mouth from his York peppermint patty
Derrik arrived late Tuesday night, and we were so excited to spend a day doing some fun tourist thing on Wednesday with him!!
 Chatham Fish Pier

 Stopped at the Go-Carts....
 Visited the trampolines...
 and then to the batting cages....
 Thursday was the 4th of July!! I think Derrik and I have only spent one 4th of July together when I traveled with him for baseball while I was pregnant with Ryder. Baseball always kept us apart. It was so special to be back in Chatham to enjoy the 4th together. Derrik had walked in this parade twice when he played for the Chatham A's. 

Our favorites....
 The bagpipes are our favorite. Gigi loves them, and they will always remind us of her. Due to some unforeseen circumstances this was the first year Gigi couldn't make the parade with us. We were all a little heartbroken, and even more heartbroken when we started to think the bagpipes weren't in the parade this year. We knew the parade was winding up, and FINALLY the last group with a "That's All Folks" sign behind them we saw the bag pipes!! Save the best for last right?! 
 On our walk to Gigi's after the parade we bumped into some favorite Chatham residents :)
 Where we park requires us to walk by Gigi's house and through a grave yard. We quickly visited my mom's grandpa and Uncle Jim and gave them a little Red, White, and Blue :) and then our our walk back we stop by to visit Gigi and give her some Red, White, and Blue. We were all sad to not have her by our side for the parade, but the smile on her face when she saw us all after was priceless!!

 After the parade we knew there was no other place we were going to spend our day then at the pond!!

 Then to cap off a perfect day.. We went to visit Daddy's old baseball team where he had his career best summer, where we met, and a place that has been special to my family for years! My family actually hosted baseball players from this team when my mom was young. 

Derrik was invited up into the announcing booth that night. They did an interview with him about his amazing summer (19 games, 0.00 ERA, and 12 saves). It was a special night we'll remember for a while. 

My boys up on the mound that is so special to us :)

 Derrik with his Coach, roommate who is now coaching, and both of the announcers from his summer who happened to be visiting. 
 Friday and Saturday we just did a few random things. Derrik had headed back home for work, and we were just enjoying our time together...

 On Sunday for our final day, we went back to the pond for one last HOORAH!

 Last Thanksgiving my sister had made a huge serving tray with a family quote she found. She had drawn this cardinal down below on the platter because cardinals are special in our family as they remind us of Gigi. We had all said how fun it would be if everyone in the family started to get that tattoo. My cousin Adam and Auntie (Cheri for anyone wondering) both started it off this summer by getting theirs done. My mom, Ally, and I hope to get our this fall along with quite a few others :)
Such a fun summer trip!! We love our time in Cape Cod. 

Auntie, Uncle Sean, and Adam - THANK YOU for opening your house up to our large LOUD crew! I know it's not easy welcoming a 2 and 4 year into into your lives for a week and a half, but know that they love their time with you and still talk about it daily. I'm hoping we can return the favor over the holidays!! XOXO

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