Sunday, July 28, 2013

Big Boy Bed!!

Ahhh the big boy bed! We've been talking about it for a while. His bedding was actually purchased as a birthday present (thank you Nini!). The biggest hold up was the fact that we had to actually go and buy a mattress. We just kept putting it off because there was always something more important to do then go to the mattress store and buy a mattress :) We finally buckled down and did it because I knew my family was coming and they needed the bed to have a place to sleep. It arrived just days before vacation so we just let it sit there for a few days. After family was done breaking it in it was time for the big boy himself to sleep in it. 

He looks SO tiny in there!
 Not really sure he's digging this big boy bed thing!!
 After about an hour of crying, he never did get off the bed or anything, it finally got quiet. 
I went upstairs and found this :) 
 Later in the night when I brought Ryder up to bed I found him like this all tucked in...
Such a big boy :)
 Nap the next day only involved about twenty minutes of crying until I found him like this...
 I love that he puts his own blanket on!
 And he let me tuck him in the next night :)

It's going great... He still tells me he doesn't want to go to bed every night "I don't like a bed mommy", won't let me tuck him in, and cries until I hit the bottom of the stairs, but then he stops almost immediately and settles himself down. It was a pretty easy process... NOW I have to let go of my crib and sell it... that might be the hard part for me!!

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