Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Old Friends.. New Friends

Flash back... Remember Ryder's best friend from Arizona, Page? And my best friend out there, her mom, Miss Tricia? Well saying good-bye when we left there after Derrik's rehab on his arm for two years was awful. Usually good-bye is more of a "see ya later" because we know we'll be back at some point, but we all knew our good-bye was a forever because nothing was ever bringing us back to Arizona and it's not like you can make a weekend trip to go visit each other when it's thousands of miles away. We were definitely heartbroken. Tricia and I have stayed in extremely close contact the past two years, but two years in an old five year old life is a LONG time and sadly Ryder didn't remember Page anymore. 

Well, we'd have to fix that problem because Page's daddy got a job in Syracuse, New York... FOUR hours away from us!!! Four hours might seem like a lot, but to a girl who doesn't have too many friends in Pennsylvania this is beyond exciting!! They had been making the cross country trek from Arizona to New York and made thing last stay before the final leg of their journey at our house in Hershey, PA. It was a really quick visit because they have lots of stuff to do to get settled up in Syracuse, but we are so excited we will be able to see each other quite often now!! 

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