Monday, July 29, 2013


After the flu stuck our house and ruined what was supposed to be Landon's first movie seeing Monster University before vacation, we came up with a Plan B... The boys were so excited to see Turbo!!
Ryder posed by the sign to document Landon's first movie, but Landon opted not to :(
They did pose by the Planes sign inside the theatre though!
A seasoned veteran right here!
 Figuring out what this kiddie pack this is all about
 Still not wanting a picture... butt head

 Daddy was asleep before the movie even started...
And he made us wait until two days after it came out so he could go with us!! 
Landon did great, stayed in his seat the whole time. Our only problem was he wanted to talk to us about the whole movie in a regular speaking voice. Luckily the theatre wasn't very full, and it was nothing a quick trip back up to the refreshment counter to purchase some candy couldn't fix :)


Jen said...

So cute! We are taking Jackson to his first movie in a few weeks! "Planes" will be right up his alley!

Connor & Mama said...

I see Ryder's got suckered into the 'character/superhero shirts'...haha!! Let me just tell you that I thought of you when I took Connor to buy some Pre-K clothes & all he wanted were character shirts/underwear/etc. I officially don't have a say on what clothes he should wear. Now we just have to pray that the boys pick out the least tackiest character wear. :)