Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cape Cod on Social Media

*** These posts are long!! Make sure you see the real vacation post before this one!! ***

I promised myself while on vacation that I was really going to use my camera. I'm kind of an all or nothing type of girl. So I was either going to be in your face obnoxious with my big camera for a week and a half, or it was all going to be on the iPhone. I may have snapped a few here or there on my phone, but for the most part stuck to the camera. Of course though I had multiple family members snapping pictures on vacation all week, uploading stuff to facebook, and putting then on instagram which lead to a huge compilation of pictures!! I did my best to get everything from everyones phones.. Some of it is out of order if I stole the stuff on their phones a little later then others, but you'll get the point :) 

FINALLY!! Zero days until Grammy and his Aunties' came to pick us up for vacation!!
Due to Ally not feeling well our travel plans had to be slowed down a little to allow her body to rest some. Hailey and I took advantage and went to Hershey park on a drizzly night which lead to no lines!! It was so fun doing something just the two of us :)
 Back on the home front two little boys were keeping their Ally entertained and giving her booboo's lots of loving to make her feel better.

 and I gave her loving once I got back home :)
 Let's Rock and Roll!
Cape Cod or bust!!

 Dirty chip hands... whatever it takes to make him happy on the car ride!!
 Hooray!! We're at Auntie and Sean's!!!
Looking for Chippy (a chipmunk a Gigi's house)
 cuddle time :)
 Jamaican Me Happy!
 Bringing Hailey to her favorite spot.. New England Pizza

 I had such a great vacation with Adam!! 
We were so glad you were back home this year.. and that you still gave up your bedroom for us!!

 Derrik and I doing a little cheers to the fact that we all couldn't fit in one car so we got to drive by ourselves and didn't have to take the kids in and out of the car a million times! The peace and quiet was amazing!!

 A little left over Chatham Penny Candy
 My handsome boys before the parade!

 Up in the booth at the A's field
 Derrik and Duva
 doing a little interview

On Daddy's old pitching mound! :)
My aunt getting her tattoo... her first!

 His transformer costume :)

 Looking for Chippey again

 Showing Gigi their tattoos they got for her!

Vacation will do this to you!!!

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