Monday, August 19, 2013

Summer Windup

We are just over half way through August, and it is clear that summer is wrapping up quickly. We have had our windows open for over a week with the temperatures dropping slightly already, all our Florida family and friends are in full swing in school, and we went and met Ryder's teacher today!!! OMG... When did my baby turn into a kindergartner?! Before I dive full swing his "meet the teacher post" and soon to happen birthday posts, let me recap the end of our summer.....

We have a few more "wall at the park" pictures that came up this month
 Taking a break from their water table for a quick photo 
 Ahh... the wall. I compared their first picture here to this, and they have grown so much!!
 Taking a dip in Me-Maw and Poppy's pool
 Love this boy
 and this boy loves his mint chocolate chip ice cream!!
 Gorgeous sunset at my in-laws!
 A boy's night to ride the coasters at Hershey Park
 Water day at summer camp with his best friend
 Lonely his brother left for camp so he tries to wake daddy up to play with him :)
 My coldest photo shoot yet....

 Best buds!!
 Some baseball family was in Philly so we drove out there for a quick visit with the Wood family

 Derrik's baseball team made the playoffs this year...
Here he is pitching a shut out in game 1. His first game he pitched this year... I guess he wasn't too rusty after all :)
Enjoying a celebratory milkshake... or stole it from Noah :)
 Someone had to get his teeth cleaned to get into kindergarten... No fear! He is such a big kid!
And he had a perfect report :)

 A nice write up on Derrik's shutout in the paper
 My boy :)
 The boys and I took a roadtrip to Philly to spend the day with my photographer friend Allie who just moved to the city. 
 We visited the Franklin Institute
 Landon loves to sit in the kitchen and color.. such a crazy kid
 I love seeing these pictures when i'm gone for long days shooting weddings out of town...
It's so nice to my my boys are happy and well loved so I can enjoy my job!!
 A little downtime with Allie at our last wedding...
Such a blessing Allie has been as a fellow photographer and great friend
 The next day Derrik had to pitch in game 5, the final game, of the championship series. 
He pitched the whole game and they came out with the win! 

The boys were proud of their Daddy!

 I might have been too :)
 My photographer page his 500 fans!! WooHoo!
Ice cream for some boys who ate all their vegetables at dinner!

 A day at Hershey Park!

 Ryder was disinterested in the horse track on night so Landon got his first "night out" with Daddy!!
Can you tell he was thrilled :)
 Love his sweet face!
 We got Cole all by himself for a sleepover one night last week... Such fun times!!
 They are hard work for sleepovers... technology the whole time.
Ryder's friend from school, Alex, had a bowling/arcade party...
Fun times

 How my goofballs walk out of the room yesterday
 Four little boys who have my heart!!!
I hope everyone had as blessed of a summer as we did!!
I'll be back with a Meet the Teacher post soon, and then it's off to make more memories celebrating a certain five year old and the start of school!! Where does the time go?!


The Yarbrough's said...

That picture of them in the costumes brought a smile to my face. Soooo cute!!

That's awesome ya'll got to see the Wood's. There's so many people I miss from baseball.

Connor & Mama said...

I miss you. I miss the boys. Come to FL. That is all. :)