Thursday, September 5, 2013

Meet the Teacher

Before school started for Ryder we, of course, had to go meet his teacher! Ryder's teachers name is Mrs. Whitehead, and yes we giggle every time we say it. We had to tell him he couldn't do that at school though. The day of his little orientation he walked right into his class, his teacher shook our hand, and said to wait in the hall while they did a craft. Ryder went and took a seat, did his craft, and came out all smiles about twenty minutes later. Being the the type of mom that wants to be involved in everything it kind of made me pout as I took my seat in the hall, but it just shows me how much my little baby is a big kid ready to take on the world! 

 Yes i'm "that mom" that snuck a picture from the door :) 
 Taking a ride on the school bus! 
They thought this was SOOO cool!
 Playing on the school playground
 The next day we had to get our 5 year old check-up for him to start school...
He is healthy as can be and our pediatrician said she doesn't have a doubt in her mind that he's more then ready for kindergarten :)

46 pounds - 82nd percentile
45.87 inches - 95th percentile
Our tall lean boy!
 Landon wanted in on the action :)
 And our first homework assignment complete!

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