Saturday, October 26, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday Ryder!

We'll I have had these pictures uploaded into this post since right after Ryder's birthday, but got so distracted with life that it never got posted. Obviously neither has anything else for the past, almost, two months! This is my baby book for my kids so bear with me as I try to catch up!! My photography business has been keeping me away from the computer, and the fact that I have been busy every free second of every day working with that is such a huge blessing... although you might not think that with all the complaining I do :) 

And finally... Ryder's 5th birthday!!

We started the morning off singing happy birthday to our sweet boy in bed. My kids would sing happy birthday to someone every day if we'd let them. They are beyond excited because my birthday is "next", but can't comprehend that isn't until the middle of December. I think i'm getting a princess party haha :) 

As you can see bottom right picture... Landon was already having a hard time that the focus was on his brother this day!
Ryder's birthday was on a Sunday so all festivities were taking place in one day. Mom's know to appreciate weekend birthdays! I love to do anything I can to make my boys feels special all day long on their birthday. We started the morning out with some superman tattoos (his birthday theme), and put his superman birthday ribbon on his shirt.
We then headed to Skyline Cafe, Ryder's favorite, for a birthday breakfast. I asked him to pose for a nice picture when we first got there :)
While waiting Auntie Ally sent us this sweet picture telling Ryder happy birthday :)
Some of Ryder's favorite people arrived for his birthday breakfast!! 
After breakfast we stopped at the grocery store for balloons and the cake, home, got our stuff together, and headed out to the party!! We opted for Bounce U this year. We have always done our parties at home, but Ryder really wanted it this year. It was so worth it not having to stress about having twenty+ people in my house. 
And lots of pictures from the bouncing at the party.....

We then went into the party room to celebrate our big boy!!!

Ryder had a LONGGGG list of wants for his birthday this year. It was the first time that when someone said, "What does Ryder want for his birthday?" I had an answer every time. His family and friends are so amazing all we were left to get him was a silly bookbag because I couldn't think of another thing. To say he was spoiled for his 5th birthday was an understatement!!! His wish list consister of an xbox, minecraft video game (could only be played on xbox, and we have a playstation), Disney Infinity, all the characters (anyone looking into this game... we love it!), a few DS games, a spiderman costume, a captain america costume, and i'm sure a few other thigns at this point that i'm forgetting. 
We rounded the night out with pizza, more cake, and playing his new video game with his best friend. 
He had an amazign day, and it was made even more special by all his loved ones!!! Thank you for making my boy feel so special :)
It was early to bed because the next day was another HUGE day for us. Ryder's 1st day of kindergarten!!!!!!!

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