Wednesday, October 30, 2013

September on the iPhone

After uploading our pictures from my iPhone from September I realized it wasn't a very fun month for us. Usually my my phone is loaded with photos from the month that makes me realize just how much fun we had. This post shows just how truly busy we were with school, work, photography, and officiating. It was a good busy :) 

My superheroes!!
 Waiting for the bus one day
While grocery shopping at Walmart one day a man came up and gave us four tickets to a Reading Phillies game. We knew Papa would love going to the game with the boys so we quickly called them up. It was a fun last minute night :)

 A picture Ryder drew of his family. Since school has started he draws all the time. He was never into coloring or drawing until school started. Now I get a good 2-3 pictures a day from him. AND i'm impressed how much he's improved since he drew this one back in the beginning of September! 
Brothers passed out....

 There insanely boring room!! We are planning a move here soon so their room is VERY basic! 
 My sweet boys

A lunch date with two of my boys. Ryder HATES running errands. Landon LOVES running errands. So we now do it while Ryder is at school. Ryder is thrilled to be at school, and Landon is thrilled to have Mommy and Daddy's full attention... win win!

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