Sunday, October 27, 2013

Ryder's 1st Day of Kindergarten

I am still in awe that my Ryder is in kindergarten! Of course i'm writing this in October, and the emotions have died down, but i'll update on everything else later. For now, we'll keep this about his FIRST DAY!! 

In our area Kindergarten is only half day. Ryder got PM. At first I was disappointed, until I realized it was right during nap time!! WooHoo for about two hours of alone time while Landon naps everyday so I can edit and work on my business :)

The whole first morning I was a bundle of nerves!! Ryder... SOOO excited!!! He could not wait for 12:15 to come so he could get on that bus. I was convinced there was no way I was letting him ride the bus as soon as the discussion of school came up. When I signed him up for school last spring I said I wasn't certain what we were doing. They said to sign him up, and we could change our mind if we wanted to. As the countdown came closer to the first day of school, I pretty much knew I had to at least let him try the bus because he was so confident. In my mind he was going to ride the bus to school since it would be only kindergarten students, and I would pick him up. Suddenly the day was here though, and it appeared like he was just simply going to the ride bus. I let my guard down because I knew Ryder wanted it so bad. (FYI Florida friends... we luckily moved into a school district that is rated a 10, and is known for being "snobby"(I'll take snobby over guns and fighting any day of the week)... He wouldn't be riding the bus if we were down there! We just lucked out!) 

I made sure his outfit was perfectly iron, that I had his first day of school board ready, that we had lunch on time, and plenty of time for pictures! We HAD to document this huge milestone :) To think five years ago on that day I was snuggly a sweet baby in the hospital! 
 I can't get over how big, handsome, and confident he had become. I was definitely fighting back tears at this point. 
 Daddy come out to get a picture with our big boy :)
 And I had to pass of my camera for my own picture :)

 Anxiously waiting for the big yellow bus to come around the corner to pick him up...
I might have been anxiously waiting for him to decide I should just take him to school :) HAHA... he never even gave it a second thought

 His face when he heard the bus!!! Can you see the pure excitement on his face?! I think that fact that he got to get on it, and Landon didn't made him even that more pumped!
 Never even looked back....
 que the tears from this Momma... I didn't cry on my wedding day or the birth of either of my children, but I shed quite a few tears when my little man hoped on that bus!! 

Bye Ryder!
 Soo... We had decided we would go to the school even though Ryder was on the bus. I always love the picture of parents walking their kids into the class rooms and getting the picture of them at their desk. I didn't want Ryder to be one of the only kids there without family. I also didn't want to be the only crazy parents there. We pulled into the parking lot and decided we'd feel the situation out. There was probably a crowed on 20-30 people outside the front of the school. Some with students not riding the bus and some waiting for their kids to get off the bus. We got our name badges so we could go into the school, and then waited on the bus....
 There it is!
 He walked off that bus.... gave us one quick glance... 
 and headed down the kindergarten hall without looking back... 
 I was a cah-razy mom right here and yelled his name :) 
 Saying hi to Mrs. Whitehead... and off to a great start for the next thirteen years of school! 
He absolutely LOVED his first day of school, and every day since. I'll give an update on school later on once we get caught up on all the happenings since then!  

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