Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Day

Our Easter Day was wonderful. We started the day out with our Easter egg hunt. It's funny how i've come to realize over Facebook that a lot of families put the eggs out later in the day outside for the kids to get. We always grew up to our egg hunt being inside as soon as we woke up in the morning. So of course that's how it'll work with my kids as well :) Ryder takes after his Momma and is slightly OCD... when he saw all the eggs you could tell he liked how they were in perfect order placed out, and i'm pretty sure could have observed them like that for the day instead of putting them in his basket. It was odd to me that he didn't run out and immediately start throwing them in his bucket. I have fond memories of racing my brother to get more then him into my basket. I guess in time Ryder will catch onto that! He did end up taking all the eggs and putting them into his bucket. My pictures went onto the blog a little out of order since they got their big baskets after the egg hunt... oh well :)

The boys baskets from the Easter Bunny
(The bunnies came in a basket from Aunt Gina and Aunt Robin. Ryder left them at the front door for the Easter Bunny to play with and thought that he took them. He was so excited when he saw them at their baskets!)

Ryder's basket
his favorite gift of course was the monster truck... we have a colection of probably 50+ of these things now. They continue to be his all time favorite toy! His BIG gift though were his two new Nintendo DS games. He is amazing at this game!! He got the UmiZoomi game and the Toy Story 3 game.

Landon's basket
Poor kid.... I had been stocking up on Easter since Valentine's Day when all the stuff hit the shelves. I guess I assumed he had stuff... I don't really know. He ended up with a little toy and his firth tooth brush. Second child syndrome? I don't know... Glad he was too little to notice!!
Our Easter egg hunt

The boys before the Easter egg hunt :)
He was SO ready to go!

Getting his eggs

He could care less, and was more happy that he FINALLY mastered the sippy cup :)

Of course the monster truck is the favorite and first thing he picks up!
This kid loves lollipops!
Learning his new video game
Brushing those pearly whites... we are up to five these days!
We spent our afternoon relaxing at my moms. She cooked us an amazing dinner!
Thank you so much Grammy and Mack, Nini and Papa, and Aunt Gina and Aunt Robin for getting the boys their Easter presents... they have been thoroughly enjoyed!!!

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