Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Landon Brennan

I tried my best to soak in every ounce of little baby Landon had in him, but somehow a whole year has passed us by. Our baby boy is one year old today! I remember with both boys the first few weeks having such anxiety with every outfit they outgrew, every day that past, every week that was tagged onto their age. It was so sad to me that they weren't a newborn anymore. Someweere in between those first few weeks and now his first birthday Landon has transformed into the sweetest, happiest, most mellow little boy who has worked his way into the hearts of our family.
If I had to describe Landon in one word it would be content. If the little guy isn't ready to eat or go to sleep he is so easy and go with the flow!
Around 24 pounds
No clue how tall, but let's just go with off the charts.. always have been, and I doubt things have changed!
Size 4 diapers
Size 18 month shorts
Size 18-24 month shirts
Size 24 month PJs
Size 5 shoes
You are a big boy, but well proportioned. I would not described you as chunky by any means, but you are just big in general :)
You eat mainly solid foods and are an amazing eater.
You out eat your brother at almost every meal!
You LOVE vegetables.
You do not really care for fruit, minus bananas.
You have started to accept grapes and apples in the last couple of days though, but not in huge amounts. I still give you baby food every day or two to get some fruit in you.
You take two bottles a day. One after your afternoon nap and one before bed.
You FINALLY conquered the sippy cup this month, and LOVE milk!
Lucky for us this will make getting rid of the bottle easy I believe. We will do it once our formula runs out.
You are a great sleeper. Always have been. You hit a rough patch around the 9ish month mark, but it was due to ear infections and still being in the same room as us because we were at Mack and Grammy's. You sleep so nice in your own room now :) When you do wake I just go in to give you your pacifier and you go right back to sleep.
Your naps change all the time. We did struggle with them for a while, but now you nap great! You basically sleep for three hours during the day. Depending out our schedule you take a two hour nap in the morning, and a short afternoon one, or vise versa. Thank you for being flexible! Some days we don't get the opportunity for an afternoon nap, and I need you to sleep in the morning. Other days it is so enjoyable to have you and your brother nap together in the afternoon while I get some stuff done!
The Pacifier:
It is definitely still in our lives, but nothing major. You take it to fall asleep, but I am fairly certain you don't actually sleep with it in your mouth. You take it for comfort in the car sometimes, or on the go. Nothing like your brother though! I'm not sure when it will not be a part of our day, but for now it's here to stay :)
Favorite things to play/do:
#1 is to follow your brother EVERYWHERE! You just love to be into what he's doing, and thankfully we get very creative in always letting you "play" with him. Ryder is great at playing with you and other times "playing" means watching him through the baby gate we put up at his bedroom door so you can't mess up his Monster Jam session :) You guys take the best baths together. Daddy and I constantly sit back and watch you two interact with each other.
You like to play in your ball pit, with any balls around, with your brother's monster trucks, water bottles, and your newest obsession is the sippy cup.
You have a trail you leave around the house. You go for the dogs food (PLEASE stop eating it!), knock your brother's wall tracks off his wall, knock his books out of his basket, knock my books out of my basket, pull the blankets off the blanket rack, and last but not least go to lift the toilet lid to play in the water. Needless to say we have lots of doors closed these days when you are roaming the house :)
Have I ever mentioned your love for Chloe? You absolutely love that dog. She drives the rest of us nuts, but you just love her. The other day she was rolled on her back and you laid on her to give her a hug. It as so sweet! You like to pull her hair too!!
You are getting closer by the day. You FINALLY took your first steps to your Daddy on the 21st :)You can practically run while scaling furniture and with your walker. You let go of things all the time for long periods of time now, and when we put you down in the middle of the room you tend to stand for a little bit now instead of just going right into the sitting position. You are very on the go just like Ryder was, and just want to get there fast! I try to get you to hold my hands and practice your walking, but you'd rather just get down on the ground and go. I hope it happens soon! You make our house and everyone elses look dirty with your black feet all the time from crawling... i'm kind of over it!
I pray that as we turn this page in the world of toddler that you continue to stay as mellow natured as you were as a baby. I am not sure I can handle the tantrums and hitting your brother put me through again. Please be my easy one.... PLEASE!!!
Landon Brennan... We love you more then you'll ever know! Thank you for coming into our world one year ago today and making our family complete. I love walking into your room every single morning and singing out good-morning song while you dance in your crib. I enjoyed this past year with you more then you'll ever know, but also look forward to this fun year we have ahead :) don't grow up too fast on us sweetie!
We Love You!
Happy Birthday Bubby!!

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