Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Eggs!

Ahhh... Easter Eggs! Easily my favorite holidays activities of the whole year. I think it has something to do with the bright colors on the camera, my son sitting in one place with a smile on his face so I can photograph him, and the fact that he absolutely loves it!! Ryder did great with the eggs this year. It was much different then last year. Last year he re-dyed the eggs over and over again. By the time we were done our carboard egg carton literally fell apart when we lifted it up it was so saturarted in egg dye. At some points he had 2-3 eggs in each dye container, and all the eggs were smashed and broken by the end. They went straight to the trash and were not safe for consumption! Not that he was wreckless, he was just in it for the process of putting the eggs in and out more then for the perfection of the egg. This year though he only wanted his eggs dyed one color and took great care of them. He did NOT want them broken! He took pride in putting stickers on each and every one of them at the end, and was so excited to show Daddy when we got home. Another plus to the nice looking eggs was way less dying of his own body! I, of course, still told him he had to wear his bunny ears in order to make the eggs have their magic :) I mean they are just too cute! Luckily we retired our white and pink ears we have had the last few years and swapped them out for some green ones this year. Enjoy LOTS of pictures. Like I said, it's my favorite holiday to take pictures of and there is lots of practice going on these days with the new job! I have to take advantage of every opportunity I get!

The girls had a sleep over at their house the night before so we had lots of company to help us dye eggs at Grammy's!

Ready to go with their bunny ears

Watchign in excitement as Auntie Ally does the first egg
Being very cautious with his first egg
In between taking pictures I was making some Bunny Bait to leave for the Easter Bunny!
Auntie Hailey helped Sophia with her eggs
He's a pro now
I love how he's so excited to show his "beautiful blue egg", as he called it, to his Auntie Hailey, and Auntie Ally is nervously protecting it in case of a fall.

These guys are too little for eggs... Maybe next year!
Landon ALWAYS steals Dyson's pacifier

He loved the shrink wraps!
Putting some stickers on his eggs

Sophia instead put all her stickers on one egg :)
I didn't trust him for one second with all that dye and told him we wore his cool undies just for the occasion :)

Making sure they were all put back in just pefect
The finished product
Here he is saying "HAPPY EASTER!!!!!"
I love them :)
All ready for the bunny tonight :)
We hope everyone has an amazing Easter!!!

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