Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Landon Brennan: 11 Months

Ugh... once again your 11 1/2 months old. I took the picture and the card they were on got messed up. So I guess we will have 10 months worth of pictures and be missing the 11 month ones. Oh well... I wanted to get on here and document a few big changes in the big guys life recently.

- A whopping five teeth! Those five seemed to come in one after another, but now it appears we will be taking a break. I don't see anything coming in at the moment.

- You are scaling furniture like a crazy man now. Before you were a little hesitant. You are letting go of things and standing for a few seconds or even a while at times. You are not however close to walking. You are improving daily with your balance and standing more often, but i'm still predicting 13 months-ish like your brother. It drives people nuts that I don't put shoes on your feet yet, but without walking it seems very pointless in this hot weather. I have a feeling you'll be getting plenty of shoes for your birthday because of this! Maybe it was a good idea on my part :)

- You finally got the sippy cup! WooHoo... AND you like milk! Ryder LOVESSSS milk, and I was hoping you would too. It seems to be a success. We will be on the bottle for a while still too, but it seeems as if when the time comes it should be an easy transition. You now love to have the sippy cup in your hands all the time. It's like your new security blanket. God forbid we are in the car and you and your brother have to share a sippy cup. You scream your head off until he gives it to you.

- Your relationship with Ryder continues to grow and grow. I feel as though you miss him while he is at school and look for him. You follow him all over the house and laugh so hard when he is around. The love is mutual. Ryder loves you with all his heart. I can tell that you guys are going to be the best of friends.

- You are slowly becoming a Daddy's boy. Derrik is forced to hold Landon more and deal with him more because Ryder is such a Mommy's boy. It is crazy to me how Derrik can calm Landon down just as easy as I can, and how Landon is just as happy cuddling with him as me. It was never like that with Ryder. It might have something to do with my new job... Daddy knows where the pajama drawer is now, how to feed him dinner, and how to give a bath. My job has been such a blessing allowing Derrik nights home with the boys, me time to do what I love, and a little extra money. Most importantly though... it's great bonding time for the boys!!

- You have the funniest sad face. We keep saying we need to get it on video. It happens when we tell you no. You have a hard time getting tears out, pucker your lips, squint your eyes, and look like the saddest baby ever... i'll try to get a video :)

I can not believe that the big birthday is in less then two weeks!! What a crazy year it has been. Tomorrow we are taking cake smash pictures for his first birthday pictures! I am so excited to do these and will get them up soon :)

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Liz said...

Wow, crazy how time flies by. Your boys are just so adorable :)