Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Gingerbread House!

The boys' elf, Brutus, was so sweet and brought us a gingerbread house and tons of candy to decorate with one morning!!!
Anxiously awaiting his brother to wake up so we could open the presents and see what it was!!
 Time to open!!

All set up and ready to go... With Santa hats and Auntie Ally on Skype of course :)

I got the house up and put on the frosting. Ryder did the decorating 100% on his own!! Such a big boy!! Landon... well he just ate the candy :)

He ditched the decorating and snuggled on the couch with his brother's blankets :)

Daddy woke up to see the final product!!

WOW! It was definiately decorated to the fullest!!

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