Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ryder Lee Lutz - 4.5

I have been wanting to get on here and do a detailed update on my boys at their current age for such a long time. I look back on the updates from Ryder growing up all the time to see if Landon is doing the same thing, and I haven't done a real detail update in such a long time....
First up.... My Ryder Lee. The biggest thing that stands out to me when it comes to the big brother is that I feel like we are past the "hard part" with his temper and terrible toddler years. He still gives me a run for my money quite often, but he truly has mellowed out so much! I think quite often, "if we had one kid life would be SO easy!".. Obviously i'd never want that, but it just shows how easy he has truly gotten. I don't wish for the little brother to grow up, but life will be much easier a year or two from now!
 Ryder's love of monster trucks and cars from the Cars movies are a thing of the past. I told Derrik the other day that I think we can take the big buckets of them that have lived in our living room for two and a half years now and put them away. They will be toys that we keep forever though because we had such great memories of Ryder playing with them. He now loves all things super heros!! Until school started he hardly even knew what a superhero was. Now our life is consumed with everything Spiderman and Batman. He likes a lot of the other characters too, but those are definitely his top two.
We have pretty much labeled you a vegetarian. You eat very little meat. We used to get you to eat chicken nuggets and hot dogs, but even now that is a fight. We always joke that we need to fill up your gas tank with healthy food so you are very into asking me if things are healthy now. I hated to break your heart and let you know that gummies and ice cream aren't healthy! I sure do wish they were! You somehow live off of yogurt, fruit, cereal bars, and milk. You took vitamins a while back, but for some reason we stopped. I have re-introduced them into all of our lives because you just look sick to me sometimes. I think it's your really pale complexion and the lack of time outside in this cold weateher. Hopefully some sunshine during our ten days in Florida coming up will cure that!

You still sleep great... I was always SO strict about having you in bed at "bedtime" (whenever that may have been at the time), and NEVER having you in our bed. I think you have graduated from that point of needed a strict schedule. There are nights when Daddy works over night that I have you sleep with me for fun, I let you fall asleep on the couch all the time with me, and some nights I put you to bed at a bed time. I honestly really just enjoy the one-on-one time with you after Landon goes to bed, and also am enjoying our last couple of months before we have school for the next thirteen years and bedtime is essential.
Also, we have given up naps. You were still naping for three hours a day, but having a really hard time going to bed and waking up too early for me. It gives you time to yourself, and has improved your sleep at night greatly! The nice thing is if I put you in a dark room at nap time you will still nap without putting up a fight if I know we have a late night ahead of us. 
You have taken on the big brother role quite well. Having a brother who has been known to be referred to as "Hurricane Landon" can really be frustrating. You have always been really neat at play time. You've never been the kid to destroy a room or throw your toys around. Everything has it's place (you get this from your Mommy!) You have learned that if you don't want Landon to have his hands on something of yours that it goes high on the counter in the kitchen or in your bedroom (which he is not allowed in). I always try to remind you to do your constructive play during nap time and after Landon goes to bed. I know it's good for you to have this time to yourself.

You have thrived in pre-school this year! Your teachers are always raving to me at how great you are doing, how much you are learning, and are very encouraging to us that you'll do great in kindergarten next year. With your birthday just six days befor the cut-off you will be the baby in your class, but I have no doubt in my mind anymore that you'll be any less then amazing! When I see you in school you are always participating, being a great leader, and just seem to really be "getting it" when others don't seem that way quite as much. It definitley puts my mind at ease. You are a smart little boy :)

You really have some favorite people in life....
Jackson is your best friend right now. What a blessing to have met him at school this year! He's introduced you to a whole new world of superheros, and you two are just too cute together. I truly think that when you are together you think you really are superheros, can fly, and sling webs. He is so great for you :)
Your uncles, Dalton and Cole, are great for you... for a while now you guys were such a great three-some, but your brother has recently joined in on the action. Watching the four of you play together is so fun.I can't wait to see the relationship the four of you have with each other in the years to come!
And... your #1 person in this world... Your Auntie Ally. I have no clue how a four year old and fourteen year old who now live states apart from each other could have such an amazing bond, but you do. You two just click and totally get each other! When you are apart you two can literally spend hours on skype together. When you are together you are inseperable.. I joke that I don't even have to be your mom when Ally is around. You often refer to her a "my ally".... I love it :)
(He is shooting me with a web like Spiderman)
When you aren't busy with school or playing with your brother you enjoy your time coloring and doing puzzles. You can do puzzles around 50 pieces pretty much on your own and need some assitance on the 100 piece puzzles. We have a whole cabinet full of them because we tend to pick them up at Wal-Mart quite often for $1. I think you can finally recognize 90% of your alphabet and can draw a decent amount from memory. We practice lots so you can go to the big boy school next year :)

Favorites right now.....
Color - Green
Ice Cream - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Video Game - DS Lego Batman and PS3 Little Big Planet
TV Shows - Spiderman, Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Good Luck Charlie
Movies - Spiderman, Batman, Hotel Transylvania, and Tangled
(Tangled is one of the only princess movies he's seen and he loves that the guy in it is called Rider)

Ryder you are such a big boy! You are one of my best friends, and I love how much you care about all of us :) I hope your heart is always as full of love as it is at this age!! Love you Sweetie!!

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Big boy school already...I can't accept that he's that big already. Doing big puzzles on his own & coloring so neatly...thats awesome!