Sunday, January 13, 2013

It's not me.. It's Blogger :(

My lack of blogging this time is not my fault!!
Blogger (the site my blog is hosted by) is not allowing me to upload photos. I feared my blog was totally messed up, but my friend Megan is having the exact same issue. It's been around two-ish weeks now, and it hasn't fixed itself. Blogger doesn't exactly have an 800 number to call for questions so we're not sure what to do. I'm hoping to find a way around it soon!!
I hope to be back soon!!

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The Yarbrough's said...

I've had the same problem for two weeks or so too!!! It's sooo annoying. I haven't finised posting about their 1st bday party or Christmas. I keep hoping they'll get it fixed soon. There's a place you can go to when you log in...."blogger options" or "blogger help" and people are actually sending messages to blogger. I would recommend adding to that thread so they know there's alot of people experiencing this same problem. Other people have said on there that they are using Chrome. I'm sorta hestitate about downloading it...I keep thinking their gonna get it fixed. I may wait a little bit longer and see what happens. I hope this helps. Let me know.