Saturday, April 25, 2009

8 Months.. Is he even still a baby?!

Some months I feel like there are only a few subtle changes in how Ryder is progressing, but this month I feel like we aren't even dealing with the same baby!!! Everything about him has changed. Where do I start...

  • We somehow managed to grow a TON of hair! We must brush it after a bath or else it is absolutely out of control!!!

Ryder showing Daddy his hair can flip up better!

  • Speaking of the bath... bath time... Love It!...Ryder is like a fish. I swear he's going to be swimming by the end of the summer! We bought him a new bath seat and he will spend a good half hour just playing away in there (which mommy thoroughly appreciates!)

  • Ryder absolutely LOVES his big boy car seat. It is so nice to be able to see him and watch his face light up in my rear view mirror to Bob the Builder or the Backyardigans. We have put him back in the infant carrier if it's bed time and we're going out to dinner and he looks like a giant in it
  • Food.. what an experiment! We have been trying everything and anything we can thing of. Ryder just seems so bored with his baby jar food so we've been trying all sorts of fruits and veggies. I'm still working on the meat. We've been sick so we are just trying to get down whatever we can at the moment. He absolutely loves to eat Cheerios, Graduates yogurt melts, grapes, and bananas. Here is Ryder down below with his banana. These nets are great! The banana pushes through and eliminates any chances of choking.
  • Sickness- This month we dealt (are still dealing with) Ryder first ear ache and by far his worse cold yet. I came down with it a little over a week ago and then Ryder got it right after. I don't know if it's worse to be sick with a baby or have a sick baby... both are just downright awful! After a week of just being an extremely sick and unhappy baby we took Ryder to the doctor. He had an ear infection and is on his third day of antibiotics. He's down for a nap at the moment, but seemed so much better this morning! Hopefully it stays that way... if his nose doesn't stop running soon it might fall off! Here is a picture of Ryder on his way to the doctors office... so sick :(
  • Crawling?! - Ryder is not yet crawling by any means. He's not really suppose to be yet, but somehow we keep getting from point A to point B. I put him in one spot and within a few minutes he is somewhere else. Between sitting, pulling, falling, and squirming Ryder has become a very active baby. I am not ready for crawling and am thoroughly enjoying this sitting stage! Ryder can entertain himself for what feels like forever in front of his basket of toys. Just yesterday I left Ryder in his boppy pillow with his blanket over him and a pacifier in watching the Backyardigans while I took a shower. Five minutes later when I got out I found him like this.... with his Graduates treats he got out of the diaper bag. I'm in for it I just know it!

Ryder playing with his basket of toys

Ryder has been great at the baseball games so far. He has been taking a nap from about the 3rd-7th inning and then always seems to wake up when it's time for his Daddy to pitch. There is a really nice family room for us to sit in while we wait for the guys after the game. It has a t.v., recliners, and even a changing table! I've been putting Ryder p.j.'s on in there after the game and he goes right to sleep when we get home. I'm so glad he's such a flexible baby so I can still enjoy my time at the baseball field and kind of get some sleep. We are still working on the whole sleeping in thing!

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