Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Home Sweet Home.. Sort Of...

What a long few days we have had! Lots of pictures of our craziness so i'll start from the beginning.

We had to return a t.v. to Walmart the day before we left that we had been "borrowing" throughout spring training. While we were there we decided to check out some big boy carseats for Ryder. We for some reason thought we would have extra room because friends had thankfully offered to take quite a bit of our stuff. Luckily I talked Derrik out of buying it until we got up here to North Carolina because our car was absolutely packed, and we once again had to bum more space in another friends car right before we left for the trip!

Ryder checking out the carseats... this is the one we have purchased since we've been up here.
Ryder trying the cart out for the 1st time... did great!
Ryder making silly faces in the mirror the night before we left
We were scheduled to depart from Sarasota around 1pm on Saturday after the boys scrimmage game was over. We were all packed up and ready to meet Derrik at the field until I realized we were missing a cat. The house we were staying in was old. It had lots of "flaws" I guess we can call them. Well there was a hole in one of the cabinets that lead back underneath them. After Derrik drove back to the house and we searched everywhere he managed to see a single one of Hannah's whiskers hiding in this hole in the cabinet. After lots of serious attempts... meat on a string, pulling the dishwasher out as far as we thought it would go without pulling any hoses off... we had to call a handyman. $120 dollars later for a guy to put two minutes worth of work in we had our cat and were on the road... not very happy, but at least we had our kitty! We got on the road about three hours behind schedule and after Ryder had just woken up from a long nap. Go figure... The trip went relatively smooth. Derrik and I bought Ryder some new toys which kept him occupied until about 6:30 which is his usually time for dinner and then bed. We stopped at a McDonalds to feed him and let him get out of his carseat for a little bit. We got back on the road pretty quickly and Ryder slept the rest of the way. Our animals were SUCH a pain the whole way. They were all over the place and only wanted to be under the petals to the car or sleeping on Ryder... so fustrating! We made it safe and sound anyhow... Here are a few pictures from the trip.

Turbo and Hannah enjoying the ride
Hannah driving on the dashboard
Chloe with her Daddy
Luckily when we got in around 3a.m. we got the car unloaded fed Ryder a bottle and he slept until 8a.m. so we got a few hours of sleep under our belt before a longgggg day! Derrik had Sunday off completely which was nice. We woke to a gorgeous day and went out to find out what our new town had to offer and realized it was everything within about five minutes!!!! Ahh how i'm loving having a Target within a couple miles. We also have a Walmart we can walk to and a Super Walmart down the road. Lots of shopping and lots of food. We also heard the mall isn't too far. I think we'll be venturing there this weekend! Another important thing to do the first day was getting Homer aquainted with his new girlfriends... It's going great... Homer loves to chase them around, and I think it's good for our animals to get some exercise. They are SO lazy! Now we are just waiting for Abby (Brittany's dog) to get here. Brittany who was our third roommate in Sarasota is living in the apartment right above us which is great... I love having them aroudn to hang out with :)

Chloe and Homer checking each other out
I finally decided to try out the cheerios! Ryder didn't know what ot think at first and still doesn't. Were getting the hang out of it though

The 1st Cheerio
Last night I finally got to see the baseball field!!! The guys had a little meet 'n greet type thing with the sponsors and the booster club. It was a great event and nice to finally see the place.

The water tower right by the field... MudCats
On our way out Derrik had to use the restroom so we stopped by the locker room. The boys wanted to show us the family room they have for immediate family to wait for them after the game. It had quite a few couches in it and a changing table. It will be great for us for the "too hot" or "too cold" days when Ryder is just over baseball. We also snuck into the locker room :)
Ryder and Daddy in his locker
Family pic by the water tower
Derrik left this morning at 9am for two back to back 5-series games. Along with the travel days they will be gone for a total of 11 1/2 days! I'm glad were getting one of the big ones out of the way right away, but still am so sad to see him go. Us girls will find lots of ways to keep ourselves busy. With the animals, Ryder, household chores, and work it's not hard to do but I still miss him like crazy. I'll update with some picture of the place soon.
Also... A lot of people have asked for our address. We always use the one for the field in case we got moved for baseball they could still get it to us. Here you go folks:
Carolina Mudcats
Attn: Derrik Lutz
1501 Highway 39
Zebulon, North Carolina 27597

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