Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ahh... Baseball

Well I promised myself I wouldn't let this become an "baseball update" blog because I know it would drive Derrik crazy for me to update his every move on the field for everyone to read about, but we brought out my new camera I got for Christmas the other night and got some pretty good pictures of Derrik so I figured i'd give a quick update. First off... for anyone looking to keep up with Derrik's baseball his team website is I have a link for it on the right hand side of the website. Derrik's start to the season had been going pretty well. They have no roles in the bull pen as of yet, and have really been pushing to get Derrik out there for over one inning. Derrik struggles with this because his second inning never seems to go as simple as the first, but he's had a great attitude towards it and did awesome the other night in his second inning! I was SO proud of him :)

Ryder saying hi to Daddy before the game

Derrik up on the score board

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