Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The "Big Boy" Seat

We did it! We made the move to the "Big Boy" seat! Ryder is in heaven. Due to my crashing of the SUV before our big trip down to Florida we have had our car for the last month and a half. Thanks to a family friend who offered to drive our car down to N.C. we now have our SUV back. This means Ryder has a t.v. to watch his new movies on and air conditioning above his head. It was so awful being in Florida and having only a.c. in the front of the car. It felt like it took forever for it to cool the little man off. He is loving sitting in his new car seat, all cooled off, watching his movies :)

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The Smith's said...

so cool! I have been looking at the "big boy" car seat as well....will be need ing to make that purchase very soon! Glad Ryder is enjoying it.