Friday, April 3, 2009

Big League Appearance!

What a great spring training... Derrik got invited up for five big league games and got to pitch in one yesterday! He has gone up for a few in the past two years, but definately not as much as this year :) I am not one to know amazing baseball terminology so bare with me baseball buffs.... From what I can remember Derrik went in for the sixth inning. He gave up a double to the first guy (I think it was adrenaline and nerves... heck it's the big leagues!) The next guy made it on base on a fielding error which left him with no outs and a guy on first and third. I believe the next two guys grounded out and the third out was a fly ball to center field. Way to get out of a jam!!! Derrik said he threw about twenty pitches which is high for him at this point in the season, but the pitching coach asked him how he felt and ask if he wanted to go out for another inning. Could he honestly have said no?! It was a big league spring training game of course he opted to go out for another inning. Probably not the best idea... The first guy got a single off of him and the next guy got a homer. They pulled him after this. Derrik was still in high spirits after the game. Second innings are definately not his specialty. I know nothing about baseball and I know this... hopefully the Reds know this for the season :) He was really excited to have gotten to play and is so ready for this season to get under way! I unfortunaly wasn't at the game. I found out he was playing as I was on my way out the door headed to Fort Myers for the day to say my good-byes, get my hair cut, and pick up my animals. Luckily my grandpa went and had my camera... enjoy the pictures (double-click them for them to blow up so you can see him better!)

Ryder and Dakota hanging out at the office yesterday.. notice how much larger Ryder is... Ryder is 5 weeks YOUNGER!

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