Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Training 2009 Coming To An End!

It's pretty much over folks! I can't believe it is time to pack up another place that is finally feeling like "home" to move into another one. It is a good thing they say "home is where your family is" because if it was an actual place you needed to live in for an extended period of time I'd never be home! We think we have finally figured out how everyone and everything is getting to where it needs to be by the weekends end. I am headed to Fort Myers tomorrow to get my hair cut and pick up our animals that have been at Ryan's house for the month. Tomorrow night we will bring as much stuff as we can to put in a teammates car that is going on a car transport to Carolina. After that whatever is left over will go in the back of another teammates truck assuming there is no rain Saturday night and Sunday morning. Derrik, Ryder, the animals, and I will be traveling in our car. We are departing once camp breaks mid-day Saturday. The next few days after that will be filled with lots of trips to stores to find the cheapest way possible to make our apartment livable, an exhibition game against some college teams, media day, some practices and meetings, and the boys departing Wednesday morning for the start of their ten day road trip (more like 11 when you add in this travel day). I'm hoping I'll have a second to breath once they leave, but know I'll be so sad to have Derrik gone at the start of the season for one of the longest and farthest trips that he will take! Just wanted to give everyone a quick update... dinner is ready and it's been a long day for everyone!

Ryder and Papa at the Reds vs. Rays game the other day

Derrik getting ready to pitch in a minor league game Derrik, Ryder, NiNi and Papa
Finally got a video of Ryder to upload onto this thing!! Enjoy :)

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