Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ryder's 1st Major League Game

Today we took Ryder to his first major league game. We always try to go to a few during spring training since it's so convenient, and we found out the Smith's were coming up for the game. Ryder did very well. We sat up at the top in the shade for most of the game and were actually cold at one point and headed down into the sun. I was very proud of myself for having Ryder out in the blazing Florida sun for the second day in a row without one sign of sun on his body! It was a nice day for baseball... and the Reds won!

This is the best picture of Dakota and Ryder I got at the game
Ryder loved sticking his toungue out to taste the breeze
Happy Baby :)
Daddy and Ryder in heaven watching baseball...
Attempt at a family photo
The boys trying to decide what drink they want at the bar
Best Buds


Anonymous said...

These pictures are hysterical:) I love them as always:)!!!!!

Love Mom xoxoxo

The Smith's said...

We had soooo much fun! We should try to do it again before spring training is over. XOXOX