Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Game #1... A Success

Yesterday Lisa, Ryder, and I headed out to Derrik's first spring training game of the season. Once again Ryder loved it (he's already a fan at heart I swear!) It was gorgeous out since it was kind of overcast and not hot at all. Ryder enjoyed hanging out in the grass while Lisa and I watched the game. He was a mess by the time we left. He even got his first grass stains on his shoes... he is ALL boy!
Derrik had a great game... eight pitches for three out! We'll take it :)
Ryder playing in the grass... makin' mommy crazy!
We're SO proud of you Daddy!! Way to go!!!


Anonymous said...

Love you guys. glad you had a good game Derrik.. Ryder is getting so big.. good luck this season..

Miss ya all...

Love Aunt Sherri

The Smith's said...

congrats on great game!

Anonymous said...

thats a happy family

LOVE Hailey Bear