Thursday, March 12, 2009

Updates On My Boys!

Ryder: Went for his six month check up down here in Sarasota. He's a happy, healthy, growing six month old little boy. The doctor said he looked great... then gave him all those nasty shots. He did great with them this time! He was 28" long (grew an inch and a half since his 4 month appt.), 19.3 lbs (gaining just under two pounds since his 4 month appt.), and his head circumfrence was 17 3/4 (17 1/4 at 4 months). The doctor said his height was in the 90th percentile, while his head and weight were in the 75th percentile. He said it's good to know that his height is higher then his head circumference and weight which means he's just going to be a tall guy. People are always telling us that Ryder's head looks large, but he said it is completely proportionate for his body size. He's just a big baby :)

Derrik: Spring Training is going great. Two days ago the position players finally reported, and they had all their physicals yesterday. Today will be their first full day with all the players here. The games start on the 16th which will be a nice change of pace. As of right now they have Derrik on the AAA roster for the Spring Training team. He started out here for Spring Training last year also. The guys usually play a level up at Spring Training because there are so many players up in Big Leage Camp that will come down for the season.

That's all for now... i'll keep you posted :)

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