Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pictures....Rain...and Another Big League Game

So baseball might be one of the most fustrating things ever!!!

First off yesterdays game against the Rays... Derrik was there and was told he would pitch the ninth inning if the pitcher in the eight inning pitched anywhere around 20 pitches. Well he only pitched 11 which meant he was going back out for the ninth... no Derrik. It's fun going to the games anyhow so I don't mind.

Today is Sunday... I have the day off, it's pouring outside, and the minor league games are cancelled. That means amazing day in bed cuddling with my hubby while the baby takes great long naps! OF COURSE NOT... Not in baseball... Derrik is going to the big league game again. I'm excited of course, but I mean if he's not going to play then we really don't want to be sitting in the rain :( Ahhh baseball season... love it and hate it!

Enjoy some more pictures from recent games...

Daddy and Ryder at the Rays game... Amazing how the baby comes and I have no pictures of myself with my husband anymore!

Being in the sport gives the opportunity to see so many BIG LEAGUE names around... Only have pictures of two though:

Derrik's old teammate from Chatham... Evan Longoria

Ken Griffey Sr. checking out the boys minor league games

Baseball season also means time to meet new friends....

Ryder meeting Truett... One of the AAA pitchers little boys. He just turned 1.


The Denove's said...

Those pics are sooo cute!!!!! Ryder is going to be great this season.

kathy said...

Hello Danielle, Derrik and Ryder,
I love your blogspot. Ryder is getting so big. When are you guys coming to North Carolina. Let me know, and hopefully the Smith family can come and watch Derrik;s game. I would love to see you guys. Please give me a call sometime. 336-972-1670. Hope you guys have a safe trip to NC.

joanie0443 said...