Monday, March 23, 2009

Pool Time with NiNi and Papa

Ryder's great grandparents NiNi and Papa are in town for Spring Training. Yesterday we went over to their hotel to go swimming in the pool. Only Ryder and I went swimming because Daddy is a wimp and can't handle the cold water. Ryder, like usual, loved the water! The coldness of the water doesn't even phase him. He played in his pool float for a while and then splashed around in my arms. He's like a fish in the water kicking his feet.

Baseball is still going great! Derrik has pitched every other day since games have started. He has pitched in three games for one inning each. He has got all nine batters out that he has faced :) If only we could keep that up ALL season!!!

Enjoy some pictures from our pool day....

Ryder lounging in his pool float
Ryder and Mommy warming up from the cold water
Ryder with his NiNi
Ryder with Papa
Three generations of Lutz men.. we need the fourth to visit soon please!! :)
This is the Heisey's dog Homer who has been staying at the house through Spring Training. I'm not sure who is loving the games more... him or Ryder!
Homer digging a hole at the baseball game


Aunt Gina said...

Glad to see mom and dad finally getting a vacation after all these years.

The Denove's said...

Yea for pool time!