Sunday, March 15, 2009

Enjoying a Beautiful Florida Weekend

This weekend has been absolutley amazing out! We are enjoying the sunshine, blue skies, and warm temperatures so much!!! Yesterday afternoon the girls and I headed down to the beach with Ryder, and the boys meet up with us not to long after when they were done with baseball for the day. It was such a great day... especially because Derrik came down. He is not a fan of the beach at all, but he also huge a huge soft spot for Ryder. He even got in the water with him! I wish I could have taken pictures out there, but I didn't want to risk messing the camera up.

Ryder Lovin' The Sand!

The Roommates.. Lisa, Brittany, and I

Today my grandparents, Ryder's MiMi and PaPa, came up for a visit. They wanted to get to see Derrik at the field and see Ryder one last time before we left Florida. It was nice to have some family around for an afternoon :)

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