Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Big Day! 7 Months & A Big League Game!!!

Today was a fun day for us in the Lutz household. Derrik got called up for the big league game today, and Ryder turned 7 months!!! I was especially excited because it was the Reds vs. Red Sox today. Thank God one of the other players we lived with, Chris Heisey, was also called up so I had Lisa with me at the game. It was a brutally hot Florida day and it took all we had in us to survive the game. Ryder is still sunburn-less thanks to Mommy coating him in sunscreen all the time! Derrik didn't get into the game unfortunately. There was one run the whole game up until the ninth inning which meant their pitchers weren't throwing too much. For him to get into a game like that we need high scoring games. It was fun anyhow. Hopefully we get at least one more in before camp breaks. I've been getting asked over and over again if we know where we are going this season, and I fully re-assure everyone that the second we know something we will gladly pass the news on. Unfortunately we deal with this every year and won't know anything for at least a few more days if not longer. They are releasing guys, and a good friend also got traded today to the Rays. Stuff is being done, but the roster just aren't made yet... soon enough I guess!

Daddy and Ryder before the game
Derrik warming up an out-fielder during one of that later innings
Ryder passed out about the 8th inning... he was exhausted!
Derrik hanging out in the bull-pen
*if you double-click these pictures it will blow them up bigger so you can actually see him :)
Besides baseball news... Our little man turned 7 months today! I know I say it EVERY month, but he has changed so much. We hit two huge milestones this month. Ryder has learned to hold his own bottle (Hallelujah!), and he is sitting on his own now! It is still a little wobbly, but he definitely has the hang of it. He can start to fall and catch himself now so we are saying officially that he is sitting. He's still just as content of a baby as he ever was. He's is loving having so many people around all the time, and is adjusting to the baseball life style just as well as I expected he would. I love that he's not scheduled and can go to a game one day with no nap, but will take an amazingly long nap on days we are home. Those are our only two huge changes. His hair is growing at a rapid pace these days. I keep having to take Derrik's buzzer to trim the hair around his ears. We still haven't seen any signs of teeth and are completely fine with that! We can put teething off as long as possible! Oh yeah... one last thing... Ryder now loves peaches! I made the dumb mistake of asking Derrik and the two guys we live with to stop at the store on the way home from golf one day to pick up a few things. They separated the shopping list into three to get it done as quick as possible (typical guys!) and Heisey had the baby food. He swears still that Derrik told him not to get squash and get two of everything else. We had a full cabinet full of baby food (wayyyy more then we needed!) and about four things of peaches. A few days later Travis begged me to feed Ryder the peaches so they could all see his "gagging" face, and after being peer-pressured I gave him. I promise it was all in good humor! Well... shame on us because he LOVED them! Gobbled them right down. Ryder officially just eats EVERYTHING!
Ryder sitting :)


The Denove's said...

Yea!!!!!! He is sitting by himself. That is so exciting.

The Smith's said...

he is such a big boy! so cute!