Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all"

So sorry for disappearing! I can't really promise we're back quite yet, but I did want to let you know we're still alive. Blogging got a little behind having two other married couples in the house. Unfortunately for my blogging game night, cookouts, and hanging out with friends took priority. THEN... Ryder got sick again. This time it was a fever, coughing, and a runny nose. He has been to the doctor and he assured me with a kid Ryder's age feeling like he is "always sick" is normal. Glad to know! Anyhow Ryder slept in bed with us for three nights. This is the first time he's slept with us since he was a week old and it was just exhausting. He also wouldn't nap in bed and has been sleeping on me which led to lots of t.v. watching and getting nothing done. I picked up a little bit of this cold and well I think you get the point.... no blogging. Ryder has slept the last two nights in his bed and just finished his first nap back in his bed too! A three hour and fifteen minute nap at that!

Although we have figured the sleeping out Ryder is still not a happy guy. He has made his paci and blankey permanent fixtures on his body. He is always fussing for me to hold him and really isn't too fond on food yet either. I know we'll get back to normal soon, but until then i'll just go with the good old quote "if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all"... so we'll be back when we have smiles on our faces again.

And some St. Patty's Day pictures for you....

The face I see ALL day
The "I feel crappy" face
"Mom why are you taking my picture and not holding me" face
"Hold me pleaseeee"
"You look silly with those bunny ears on your head"
"The bunny ears aren't funny anymore... hold me!"
Off to go love on my little man.... see ya soon blog!


Mama Fish said...

Oh Danielle- I remember those days so well! I thought my kids would never be healthy. It does get better trust me. I've heard it's actually good that he is catching colds etc because his body is building up his immune system.

But I know... no fun for mom. Those pictures express perfectly how unhappy he has been. Hope he feels better soon!

The Smith's said...

Hope Ryder is feeling better real soon! Hang in there! XOXOXO

Meant to be a mom said...

Poor Ryder. Those pics make me sad. I hope he starts to get better quick.
And its totally understandable that your friends and fam come first. That's the reason that I don't do blogs often on the weekends. Because I want to forget about it and enjoy family time.