Tuesday, March 23, 2010

iPhone update

Like usual I went through my phone and found a ton of cute pictures from the last month of my little man and figured i'd share. I promise to get a little more depth to my posts sometime in the future, but until then.... more pictures

As awful as it was having Ryder sick...
I sure do miss this right now

With my babies last week
We spent a lot of time on this couch trying to feel better

When we were feeling all better
At the park

How Ryder insists on sitting in the cart now.
He refuses to sit in the top part.

Love the naked baby

Also love when he crosses his feet like this

Ryder on his new bike... he's working on figuring it out
Playing at the park
Mom loves it!
Dad hates it!
I thought it was the headband he hated... it was the pink in the ears....
What do you think? Is it ok for little boys to wear bunny ears?
I think it's adorable!
Oh yeah... we got a new car!!!
Lovin' it!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad the car deal worked out for you. I meant to ask Lisa if you ever got a new vehicle.
Sandy Strausbaugh

Anonymous said...

Forgot to ask, since I'm not good at knowing just by looking, what kind of vehicle did you end up with?

Kalee and Matt said...

I really love the one of just his little feetsies crossed - like hes kicked back just relaxin' - too cute girl!