Sunday, March 21, 2010

We're Back... With Happy Pictures!!!

I have a happy baby again!!! It is so nice to see his sweet smile again. I finally had some time to edit some pictures I took before he's was sick and threw them all into this post. After looking through the pictures I realized maybe he was sick because of the crazy weather around here. He would be in a hat and sweatshirt one part of the day because it was freezing and in a diaper with a popcicle because he couldn't cool off the next. The desert is a crazy place to live!!!

Notice the drool.... nice

He brought my sneakers from the bedroom, lined them up like this, then stuck his feet in them


Meant to be a mom said...

He is just adorable. I love the water pictures. So cute. I'm glad he's happy again =)

"P" said...

Your little boy is so cute, but the water pictures, especially the one where he is walking away from the camera are absolutely beautiful you need to frame them in a collage. You did an excellent job both having him and taking his pictures.