Friday, March 5, 2010

Let's Talk Baseball...

So the season has definitely started... I'm not sure if it started the day pitchers and catcher for the big leagues reported, if it started on Derrik's report day which is today for minor league camp, the first day of actual season (another month or so), or if it truly never ended and is just a continuation from last season since we've truly not "stopped" baseball throught his whole rehab process? It doesn't matter though. What does matter is that right now baseball is in the air. Although things are a little odd for us right now, given that Derrik isn't healthy enough to actually be participating in any actual games he is still on a roster right now for spring training, he had to report and do all his tests and blood work this morning with his fellow teammates, and will participate in the first work out of the season this afternoon. We are surrounded by our "second family" which we live with six plus months out of the year and things couldn't be better! It is surreal to me that with minor league camp just starting it feels as though all our friends are already here... in BIG league camp! We are getting so much closer to the dream we have been dreaming for what feels like forever (Derrik a little longer then me... I didn't know this was my dream until a couple years ago). We get to go to the big league games this year for spring training and watch OUR friends play on the field. Although it crushes both mine and Derrik's hearts that he can't be out there on the field with them at the moment, we will still whole-heartedly cheer on our friends and play a quick game of catch up come June when Derrik's is healthy enough to get back in the game, but until then we will enjoy the sweetness of having our friends in town. It is so nice to have friends stop by because they are in the neighborhood, impromptu dinners on a neighbors patio after the guys day of golf, tanning with friends just because they are close by, and games nights because...well.. we like to play games. I am going to soak in all the "baseball" I can get during this next month because I miss it... yeah I said it.... I miss it, and it truly going to just down right suck when they all leave us behind to head off for the season. We'll be chasing after them not to far behind.... we'll be ready soon :) Until then though... just enjoying it!

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