Friday, March 18, 2011

Ally's 13th Birthday

Yesterday was Ally's 13th birthday! I can't believe my baby girl is a teenager. Unfortunatley her Lyme's Disease has been really awful on her lately and has had her out of school pretty much since they have moved to Florida. We tried our best to make her day as good as possible. Since she can't do much we decided to have Sophia and her Mommy Amanda over so we could watch the kids have some fun in the pool. It's hard not to smile a little with how cute the two of them are!!!

Baking Ally a cake in the morning

How can you not smile with the two of them at your party?
About to go for the jump...
And he's in! The boy loves the pool!!!
Trying to get Sophia to come jump with him.
She's really wasn't a fan
A reflection of the belly
The Birthday Girl
Baby Dyson (left) 31 Weeks and Baby Landon (right) 33 Weeks
(Sophia and Ryder are 2 weeks 3 days apart.. neither pregnancies were planned together)
Yum! Birthday Cake!
Ryder and I at dinner... he loves to take good pictures with me :)
The birthday girl with my parents
Celebrating with some friends this afternoon...
Check out Ryder leaning on his new found love Emily
And a close up... One giddy little boy!


Meant to be a mom said...

Poor Allie bless her heart. I hope her birthday turned out good.

I just love the pool pics of the kids. So cute.
And you in your bikini, ADORABLE! Seriously you look so cute and prego.

Tricia said...

Danielle... you're tan already!!! I hope Ally ended up having a good day. I'm sure having you and Ryder there helped. :)