Thursday, March 17, 2011

Major Catch Up Post!

WOW! I am so behind in blogging!!! I don't know if i've lost interest or what, but we've had lots going on. I'm going to try to shove it all into one quick summary post.

We've gotten to have some fun get-togethers with our baseball friends. I've been really bad with the camera when we are together, but luckily my friend Heather has been great at snapping some pictures when we are together.

At the park

At the fountains in Verrado

Pool Time
He lovedddd how high Chris could throw him in the pool!!!
Some iPhone pictures...

Chilling at home
Fell asleep on accident when we missed nap one day
Relaxing watching some t.v.
My friend Tricia was so sweet and offered to throw a baby shower for Mr. Landon. A few of us girls got together on Sunday morning to enjoy a little time together. We played some fun games, ate some amazing cake, and we got some of the sweetest gifts from the girls. It was a great morning to spend with Tricia and my wonderful baseball friends.
Holding Baby Nash (The Denove's baby) playing a game
The Yummy Cake
A belly shot
The day of the baby shower was a LONG day for us... we headed to the baseball game right after. Derrik wanted to make sure Ryder got to a game before we headed out of town. We got there in the fourth inning and Ryder actually sat and watched until the game was over! He walked up and down the aisles some and played on the steps, but didn't make us get up and chase him at all or anything. I think he's ready to start watching Daddy at games soon... we can't wait for him to be healthy!
Tuesday morning Ryder and I headed to Florida. It was a last minute trip. Ally's birthday was on Thursday and she asked for Ryder and I as her birthday present. Nice huh?!?! I was beyond nervous traveling acrosst he country 33 weeks pregnant with a toddler, but Ryder once again was an amazing traveler. I don't know why i'm always nervous with him because he's always great. I think he likes how much attention I actually give to him the whole day. I am so glad my parents moved back to Florida! We've really enjoyed our last couple of days here!!!
My little man sleeping on the plane
Swimming with Auntie Hailey
Today we were at lunch and Ryder was absolutley giddy over my mom's friend Emily. I have never seen him hug on someone like this. Miss Emily is 5 years old... Ryder really likes older woman!
I'll save the photos from Ally's birthday yesterday for a post of it's own, but figured we'd get everyone caught up. I'm hoping i'm a better blogger once Landon comes along!!!

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