Thursday, March 3, 2011

Getting Reacquainted

We've been following the weather like crazy waiting to hear when the weather would hit the 80s so we could get some pool days in. We were trying not to be too anxious because we love not paying for our A.C. to be on and the perfect temps outside, but we missed the pool! It's still gorgeous out and we can finally head to the pool. Is it asking too much for every single day to be like this? We took our first trip down to the pool the other night and brought some food down to cook out. When he told Ryder we were going he was serioulsy giddy! It's the only word to describe it. He just kept smiling this huge smile and even let out a few shrieks! I love seeing him get so excited over stuff.

It was so odd to watch Ryder be hesitant with the pool. By the end of the summer he was a crazy man running and jumping into the pool from any and all angles and swimming like crazy. This time he went in from the steps, got back out a few times, splashed with his hands some, blew some bubbles, and after some coaxing from Daddy finally made his way in. He was pretty comfortable with the pool again by the end of the evening, and i'm sure will be back to his old crazy ways soon enough!

Testing out the water
Still hangin' on the first step
Getting a little braver on the second step
And he's finally in!
Landon and I hanging out on the sidelines
Yum... missed you fresh fruit bowl by the pool
Finally time to put the grill to use again too!
A pro once again
Love Them!
Ryder swam by and asked me to take his picture!
Shocker right there!
Baby Landon Belly - 31 Weeks
After dinner we had some hot tub time followed by a little time by the fire to warm up

I'm really loving having my husband around at night! He is in between sports right now for officiating which leaves him only with his baseball rehab in the mornings and afternoons. He starts up baseball next week (officiating and spring training). Last night we even enjoyed a second evening by the pool again. We've yet to get any sun because we head down too late... so guess where we are off to right now!!! Time to tan this belly a little :)

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