Saturday, March 19, 2011


We've been getting our fare share of time in the water since we've been in Florida, and today wasn't any different. We took my parents boat out into the gulf and it was amazing out. One of my sisters told Ryder we were going to see dolphins, and he just kept saying "me go on boat and see dolphin". I"m pretty sure he had NO clue what a dolphin even was, but he was determined we were going to see one...

Looking for a dolphin Uncle Ryan had just spotted
There it is
Auntie Hailey
Uncle Ryan and Ryder testing out the water
My parents enjoying their boat in March... can't do that in Cape Cod :)
So glad they moved to Florida!
My sisters, brother, and I... a rare shot to get the four of us together
Hailey and her best friend Emily
Uncle Ryan likes to do anything crazy he possibly can with Ryder
Uncle Ryan coaxing Ryder into some deeper darker water
There he goes
Some daddy-daughter time
Once again Uncle Ryan being crazy...
Ryder said his feet hurt because of the shells so he carried him like this.
Ryder actually loved it and was laughing like crazy
Ryder loves Auntie Ally and has been getting lots of smiles out of her even though she doesn't feel good :)
Uncle Ryan being obnoxious once again... trying to splash Grammy
Ryder decided he wanted to jump off
There he goes
Our brother the boater :) Love Him... even if he does drive us crazy!

Great day on the water! Thanks for taking us Uncle Ryan.... we love you :)

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Tricia said...

Looks like Ryder still had fun despite his not feeling well. Looks like you all had a great time!! And seriously, in your sibling picture, you look great... Can't even tell you're almost ready to pop!!!