Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July Weekend

We celebrated the 4th of July all weekend long....

July 2nd: Fireworks at Miromar

So excited to go see fireworks!

Emily and Hailey ready to celebrate
Such Cuties

My Momma and I in our festive outfits

Landon getting some lovin' from Erin

Throwing some Pop-Its at me

My Little Fire Crackers

Ryder and his little girlfriend for the night Erin...

We've heard lots of talk about Erin since then around here :)

Great Fireworks!

July 3rd: Cook Out

Ryder was so proud of the flag cake he decorated

Hailey showing off her feathers in her hair... it's the new thing... kinda weird :)

Grammy and Mack ready for the cook out

Amand, CJ, and their new baby Dyson (Sophia's little brother)

Baby Dyson and Baby Landon

6 Weeks and 10 Weeks

Gigi to three and Grammy to two

They don't look old enough do they?!

Love these three together....

Dakota, Sophia, and Ryder

Some of my best friends....

One of my favorite things about Florida :)
Amanda, Ashley, Me, and Courtney

Ryder jumping to get the ball

July 4th: Boating

Mack and Uncle Ryan getting the boat ready for the water

Little Man so excited for a day on the water

Hailey taking care of her men

Pretty unphased by his first boating/beach day.

He slept the whole way out, slept on Mack under an umbrella on the beach, and smiled at me the whole ride back :)

The Smith's

Nicole is twenty weeks pregnant with a little girl :)

Uncle Ryan introducing Landon to his favorite thing :)

Signs of a fun day... crashed on the ride home

Bathing beauties ready to get in the pool after a day on the boat

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