Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Move

Sorry for the lack of blogging.... packing, traveling across the country, unpacking, getting adjusted to a new lifestyle, introducing our little baby to family, and taking care of two little ones has left little time to even open my computer... let alone get pictures uploaded and a blog up. BUT I think we are finally feeling normal. Life is full speed every single day, but we're learning to adjust. The boys are doing great and loving having so many people around.

All our boxes to be shipped to Florida

Ryder and Landon playing on the mattress about to be picked up
All our stuff we checked onto the plane! AND I had Chloe in a bag on my arm.

We had three one way tickets
six 50 pound checked bag/boxes
two checked carseats
a checked stroller
five carry ons
a dog
and an infant on lap

A HUGE thanks to Chris Denove for helping us out at the airport... we were a mess!!

We only paid extra for Chloe's ticket...
The rest was free... We love South West!

Big Guy's first plane flight. He was perfect the whole day :)

Mack was SOOO excited to meet his second grandson and see his first at the airport :)

These two were happy to be in Florida!!

The Winter Family plus two grand babies back together again...

Minus Ryder in the picture... he wasn't in the mood

Big Guy taking his first dip in the pool.... He loves it :)

My Siblings and My Babies

Mack is SO much help with Landon... they both love the couch!

Auntie Ally and Landon

Uncle Ryan and Landon

Auntie Hailey and Landon

Kaitlyn and Landon

Yeah the boys were cooperating for this one!

And some randoms of the little guys...

Asleep in his big boy bed at Mack and Grammy's :)

Uncle Ryan and Ryder....

Uncle Ryan took Ryder for the first time this week... on the boat... I was a mess!

I told Ryder 50 times that Ryder can not swim, and he needed to be careful. Ryder had a blast and made it home safe and sound.

He lifts his head SO high now! I love it :) He's also becoming a little talker

Little Man at BWW

Grammy getting some time with the grand babies

And our Daddy has sent us a few pictures as well.....

Climbing a mountain in Missoula... he loves Montana :)

AND his new haircut!!!!

Derrik had a few rough games... not rough, but not perfect... He told me he needed a change. After that haircut he pitched his first two inning game and did great. I guess it's here to stay :)

Hoping to get some 4th of July pictures up soon!!!

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~Rachel said...

Glad you are all settled! It is so much work to move with kiddos! And lucky for Southwest...that would have cost a fortune anywhere else!!

Oh and your hubby's hair-do?? These boys and their hair!! I swear Willie has had the porn stache more times than I like. It's so gross! Whatever it takes, right? :)