Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What We're Up To

Life has been non stop these days, as I knew it would be when we got here. Its exhausting, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Ryder goes swimming daily, we've been to the $1 movies, bowling, had friends over lots, and even cleaned the garage out this weekend. That was so not fun! Lots of fun to see and unpack lots of our stuff, but exhausting.

Big news around here.... Ryder is potty training!!! It's not 100%, but we are definitely full on potty training. He wears underwear exclusively (or nude as he prefers) while awake at home, and doesn't wet his diapers while he sleeps. I'm just not ready to face wet sheets yet. I figured we will start that when I run out of diapers. I haven't had a wet diaper in days! He runs right to the potty and goes. Poop is a little harder. He went once on the potty, had an accident once, and on the bathroom floor last night. He acts as if it's hurting him so we got him some fiber gummies to hopefully help with the situation. While on the go we've been switching it up. I know we just need to do undies, but I need some time to have confidence in him.

Landon is great... Sleeping through the night lots! I'll have a full post up about him this weekend when he turns three months. Three months already! Can you believe it?!

Our Internet has been down since a nasty storm over the weekend so I'm blogging from my phone once again. I have some cute pictures on my camera so once our computers are functioning again I'll get them up. Until then I have some iPhone pictures.

Late night movie with Auntie Hailey

Loves wearing Daddy's Phiten necklace :)

Hard at work

Rough life this guy has

We love to send Daddy pictures in the morning... This is just one of many

This little guy is such a fish... Would swim all day every day if someone would stay in with him

Trying to feed the big guy

This is Connor. His Mommy and I connected over the Internet due to having lots of things/friends in common. Kind of one of those "how did we not already know each other" kind of things. We got the boys together once when they were babies when we were living in Sarasota for rehab. So glad we can finally hang out and hope we have lots of play dates in our future!

Dakota came over yesterday to play.

The boys playing this morning

Look at this big boy using the Bumbo!!

So sorry for such sloppy blogging since Landon has been born. It'll probably stay that way so hope it doesn't bug anyone :) I just try my hardest to get something up!

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