Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Three C's


Today we finally got Ryder to the Cars 2 movie a week and a half late. We've been counting down to the premiere of this movie for probably a year, and of course moved the day after it came out. Luckily Ryder is two and doesn't know the difference. He wasn't overly excited to go. I think simply because we've been building it up for SO long! He did love the movie. He sat through the whole thing and cheered through the movie quite a bit.

Landon slept on me for the whole movie. Nothing greater then a dark room, a silent two year old, and a little baby to cuddle. We will be visiting the theatre often!!


Landon sported his first real tear while crying yesterday :(

He had a super rough afternoon and we finally saw a tear near the end.


Not to long after the tear, we saw a stuffy nose and lots of sneezing. It dawned on us that the big guy might have picked up big brothers cold he's had for a few days. He's handling it like a champ though :)

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